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Further supplementary memorandum from Simon Clarke

  I am probably prohibited from saying exactly what I mean when referring to much of the verbal evidence submitted by the Pubco's yesterday, so will borrow a quote from Winston Churchill.

  I believe elements of Messers Tuppen, Townsend and "The Giles'" statements to be "factual inaccuracies". I had a brief discussion with Mr Luff after the hearing and mentioned that I understood the difficulties the Committee must be experiencing, determining fact from fiction. I realise that I am in one camp and the other is bound to have an opposing view, however, if I could demonstrate one or more of the statements to be untrue then hopefully the Committee would attach only little weight to the evidence submitted by the Pubco's.

  To this end I suggested to Mr Luff that he, or any member of his team, comes to the Eagle Ale House for a demonstration of the Brulines system.

  Both "bosses" suggested this equipment was a sophisticated metering system which, in the words of Mr Thorley, can determine the "density" of beer and water. This is simply not true and I can prove it very simply. The equipment is effectively nothing more than a spinning wheel with a counter detecting how many times it goes round, as it cannot determine the difference between beer and water the system "overcounts", giving the impression that more beer is being sold than supplied, many tenants have been falsely accused of buying beer outside the tie and have been fined by the pubco's accordingly. Faced with "apparently" solid scientific evidence, supplied by Brulines, backing the Pubco's claim of "stealing", tenants pay the fine rather than going to court and running the risk of forfeiture of their lease.

  Enterprise Inns have accused the Eagle of buying out on a number of occasions and on each we have proved the figures provided by Brulines to be wrong—it does not determine the density of liquid in the pipe.

  Brulines have basically altered their assumed volume of water to accommodate the high cleaning standards we operate. Their assessment of our dispensed beer is therefore nothing more than an educated guess.

  My point is that the Pubco's clearly misled the Committee on this issue and therefore all their statements should be considered questionable.

  I believe members of Fair Pint will be touch with further evidence to show that elements of the Pubco statements are untrue.

December 2008

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Prepared 13 May 2009