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Further supplementary evidence submitted by Punch Taverns

  Thank you for your letter of 3 February containing the two submissions from Punch licensees. We have now had the opportunity to investigate the various points that Mr E and Mr S have raised and I am enclosing copies (not printed here) of my replies for you to share with the Committee as requested.

  I know that Mr Luff and the other Committee members will understand that there are always at least two sides to every story. Unfortunately, at times like these, it is the few with negative views to express that shout very much louder than the many who diligently get on wit running their businesses. We are, of course, disappointed with the content and the tone of these two submissions.

  With regards to the question on Brulines, the technical note that we sent to the Committee in December confirms how the equipment deals with line cleaning. The system does not measure the difference in density of beer versus water.

19 February 2009

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Prepared 13 May 2009