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Supplementary evidence from the British Beer and Pub Association

Freehouses= 17,200

"Freehouses" could be either owned outright by the operator or leased commercially from property owners.

Total tenanted/leased pubs
= 30,800

We have no information as to how many of these operate free of tie.

Managed (eg Mitchells & Butlers, Spirit, Wetherspoons)
= 9,000

Many of these will be owner operated but a significant number will not own the property and will lease the premises from commercial property owners.

Average price of beer in pubco tied pub, brewery tied pub, managed pubs, freehouses:

  We do not collect any data on retail prices—the average price of beer in the UK is currently £2.41 (bitter) and £2.76 (lager) (source: ONS). Factors affecting price include customer profile, location style of pub and brand.

Pub closures, (source CGA Strategy* research)

  36 pubs per week are closing. We have provided this breakdown from CGA Strategy data which is derived from their outlet index database and relates to pubs that have ceased trading. It should be recognised that providing breakdowns and detailed analysis of sub-sets always presents a risk when dealing with statistics. This would apply to this as much as any other data but there is no question that the rate of closures in all categories and regions is accelerating.
Tenure% of closures

Free= 55%
Managed= 12%
Non Managed= 33%

  We have no data about the number of landlords surrendering or forfeiting leases.

   (*CGA Strategy is an independent on-trade market intelligence company)

January 2009

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