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Memorandum submitted by Eddie Cant

  I just want to relay what happened to me at my pub the Colliers Arms in Skewen South Wales.

  Last year in May 2007 my rent was due for an increase, Enterprise wanted an extra £90.00 on top of my current rent of £803 per week, I rejected this offer as it was way over the top. Enterprise started to use bullying tactics, verbally threatening me I have no choice but to accept, I told them I was going to the arbitrator, they said I would have to pay their costs. It was only after I spoke to David Morgan of Cookies who helped me to fight the case, it went on for over a year, plenty of lost sleep, they Enterprise decided on the very last hour not to pursue the case, a spoke person went on to say to a reporter from our local paper that they felt my rent should not have gone in the first place. Now this has left me with a bill of over £3,500, I am now trying to get this money from Enterprise. In the meantime five pubs have closed around me, one has now opened with a manager put in, to my knowledge he is not paying any rent to the brewery, he is selling his beer a lot cheaper than I can, I have asked the BDM for information on this, he has refused, I have again asked him for the Same concessions as the managed pub, but I'm not holding my breath.

29 September 2008

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