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Memorandum submitted by Mr and Mrs K Hutton

  My husband and I have been licensees at the above mentioned pub for the past three years, we have seen our business suffer because of various reasons—ie smoking ban, prices, etc, we work so hard to try to stay afloat we have had to make cut backs and are working very long hours to save our staff wages, but whatever we do it never seems quite enough.

  We have recently (three months ago) requested a meeting with Enterprise to discuss a rent reduction—our rent was increased by £1,000 a month in March last year, and we have struggled ever since. Just prior to this the only road to our pub (we are situated on Ilkley Moors) was closed for six weeks, we asked Enterprise that seeing as the business had been badly disrupted and lost money due to customers not being able to get to us except by a very long diversion, they could see their way reducing the increase in our rent in proportion with the loss in revenue. This fell on deaf ears as the recent request we have made for a rent reduction seem to have, we therefore think it very unfair that we are tied to Enterprise for purchasing our beers and lagers at high prices—which in turn puts people off coming out drinking, and yet are charged what we consider a very high rent.

  It seems to be the only business where the harder you work the less help you get.

29 September 2008

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