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Further supplementary memorandum submitted by Nigel Wakefield

  I did say in my last letter that I would inform the Select Committee regarding my meeting with a Director of Enterprise Inns and his investigation into over renting on several pubs suffering extreme hardship, as yet none have heard anything about a permanent rent review or even any form of enquiry. To be fair these pubs do not come under this particular Director's area.

  Since putting my submission in, two of the so called leading Rent Valuers who spoke at the BII Rent Road Shows, one I was extremely critical of, have now publicly admitted in the press that rent assessment on lower end pubs needs revising, they cannot admit that the whole system is open to abuse because of the RICS Valuation Document and raising doubts about the credibility of the RICS, but the lower end will be a start, be assured the problems run right through all levels, the only reason that the high turnover pubs are not being included in their statements is that they have a slightly bigger financial cushion than low level turnover pubs and the visible effects are not so obvious.

  I spoke to the CEO of the BII yesterday, I will be surprised if you get any comment from the BII because the Enquiry comes under a Trade Dispute which would appear to be outside their conditions regarding Charitable.

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Prepared 13 May 2009