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Further supplementary evidence from Nigel Wakefield

  I and many other members of the BII have just realised that John McNamara is appearing at the next hearing that the Pub Co's will be giving evidence.

  It was always stressed that my submission to the Select Committee was always totally independent of the BII and that they could not be associated with it, which I accepted.

  My main point was the RICS method of Valuation and the use of basic BII qualifications to satisfy a requirement far in excess of the qualifications and experience provided.

  I raised these points to the RICS and after their only reply I suggested that possibly an informal discussion take place to resolve these points before the Select Committee convened, they did not reply at all.

  I then raised these points with Steve Howe Director of Membership for the BII and then had a meeting with John McNamara and Steve Howe and discussed these points saying that the rental levels were causing great hardship to our members, which goes without saying, and the qualifications being used were incapable of providing the level of professionalism to satisfy the requirement of a Competent Operator. The RICS have now toned this down to a reasonably successful operator. John McNamara said that they could not get involved because of their Charitable Status and that it was Trade Protection, I pointed out that the RICS Valuation System was the root cause of the abuse, by misuse and over interpretation for financial convenience, However if the BII wrote to the RICS as one professional body to another expressing concerns about the effect that the Valuation method was having on our members and suggesting that we have an informal discussion to at least try and resolve some or all of the problems before the Select Committee Hearings, then both bodies would not come under adverse comment. John McNamara agreed to do this but I in turn had to promise not to tell anyone about the letter, which I agreed. If the RICS failed to respond that was their problem and at least the BII would be seen to have made a serious attempt at resolving a very serious issue.

  I obviously could not mention this in my submission because of the timing, but I discovered the day before the first hearing that no letter was sent from the BII to the RICS and now the appearance is that John McNamara is representing the BII on the day that the Pub Co's are giving evidence. At the meeting they both agreed that by a softly, softly approach this matter might be resolved or improved and that the present system used by Pub Co's was causing serious problems to membership.

  Sadly they effectively silenced me, until the Select Committee convened, some of the more senior members of the BII are not happy about this.

28 November 2008

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Prepared 13 May 2009