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Memorandum submitted by the Licensed Trade Charity

  We receive over 250 calls a year from licensees struggling with their pub and asking for guidance and in many cases support to help them eg to find accommodation. The Welfare Dept do not keep a record, but can confidently say that the majority are from lessees of pub companies.

  We have seen a very significant increase in the number of people asking for help, of working age and struggling with their pub. However, as we have increased awareness of the support we offer, we cannot say that this increase is due to a change in the marketplace situation or as a result of this increased profile. As a priority we encourage the lessee to talk to their landlord to help resolve their situation. Both Punch and Enterprise have provided us with names of people within their organisation that can be contacted if the lessee finds the response from their local contact/regional manager unsatisfactory.

  To assist with the increase in calls regarding business problems, we will be trialling a new service where the licensee could qualify for a mentor to visit their pub to help facilitate their thinking on where to go forward. Again, this would be after they had exhausted an attempt to resolve the situation with their pub co and would not be with the objective of providing advise.

  We are not a campaigning organisation. Our objective is to look after the welfare of the individuals working in the trade and their families. We do not provide any business guidance to those calling us. We may refer them on to specialist helpliness eg debt line.

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Prepared 13 May 2009