Energy policy: future challenges: Government Response to the Committee's First Report of Session 2008-09 - Business and Enterprise Committee Contents

Second Special Report

1. The Business and Enterprise Committee published its First Report of Session 2008-09 on 12 December 2008. The Government's response was received on 17 February 2009 and is appended to this Report.

2. Following the establishment of the new Energy and Climate Change Committee, it would not be appropriate for the Business and Enterprise Committee to comment in detail on the Government's response to its final report on energy policy. However, in publishing the response we wish to say how much the Committee welcomes the tone and, largely, the content of the Government's observations. While we may disagree about the adequacy of plans to enable increased gas storage, or the transparency of the new consumer complaint and representation arrangements, for example, there are other commitments and observations with which we entirely agree:

  • We emphasise the importance of ensuring that the energy-related National Policy Statements are in place in the timeframe promised by the Government in this Response.
  • We are particularly heartened by the Government's strong words on the future of direct selling. The industry can now have no doubts about the need to maintain the highest standards of probity in this area.
  • The triple policy challenge of providing secure, affordable and sustainable energy supplies in the UK remains one of the most important and complex facing Government. There are no easy answers to this challenge but we are generally encouraged by the spirit of this statement of Government intent.

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Prepared 11 March 2009