Memorandum submitted by Peter Phillips



No evidence found of child-protection issues

Proposals in the report are not justified by the evidence collated

Responses from home-educating organizations and the public were not given sufficient consideration

Sources were used selectively. Existing research was ignored.

The expert committee had limited experience of home-education.


1. The review set out to examine whether there were any concerns about home-education relating to child protection or forced marriage. The review found no evidence that home-educated children are any more at risk than the general population in this regard.

2. Despite finding no evidence, the review proposed a number of significant changes to the regulatory environment for home-education. None of these proposals are justified by the evidence collated during the review.

3. The review invited responses from interested organizations and the public, but these responses were used very selectively in the report. In particular, very little attention was given to the responses from home-education support organizations, and almost none to home-educating parents, or to home-educated children who responded. Overall the responses are not fairly represented in the final report.

4. Sources have been quoted very selectively in the report. The existing academic research on home education in the UK has been ignored.


5. The review was conducted by an 'expert committee', only one of whom had any direct experience of home-education. This was not a balanced committee.

September 2009