Memorandum submitted by Robert Nock


I am very concerned and disappointed by the recommendations of the Badman review into Elective Home Education.

I see no need to change the present legal position at all.

I do not full time home educate my children (at least not those above school age).

The clear implication of the Badman review is that parents cannot be trusted to look after their children and need to be monitored.  If this is the case then all homes, not just home educating ones, and especially those with male non-blood relatives should have regular inspections by government inspectors.  Clearly that is rubbish and would not be tolerated.   Therefore there is no reason for home educating parents to be treated differently.  Clearly there are some members of every subsection of society who mistreat their children; this is no reason to treat all parents in that subsection with suspicion.  It is simply a case of picking on a minority, later it will be a different minority.

October 2009