Memorandum submitted by NSPCC




1. The Select Committee has invited submissions on the conduct of the review and related consultations and the recommendations made by the review on elective home education. Our submission focuses on the recommendations.


2. We called for and support a number of the recommendations that have been identified in the review. In our response to review , we noted the inconsistencies in approach and recommended that "there should be consistency with a requirement that all parents should be required to notify a local authority if they decide to educate their child at home (a formal registration scheme)."


3. We also noted the variation in how local authorities met their legal obligations and support home educators[1]. This inconsistency is unhelpful and we recommended that "it would be helpful if Government was to facilitate discussion between home educators and local authorities in order to identify examples of good practice which can be disseminated and used as a means of developing consistency."


4. In essence we support the key recommendations about establishing a register and the monitoring of arrangements. ( Further details can be found in our response which we have for convenience attached). We will set our in more detail our thinking in our response to the DCSF consultation on the Home Education : Registration and Monitoring proposals.


September 2009

[1] Summary of responses to DCSF consultation statutory guidance in England to identify children not receiving a suitable education. February 2009