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Memorandum Submitted by Patricia Grey—Fareham Town Centre Manager (MARKETS 02)

  This is a response from the Fareham Town Centre Manager. Fareham Borough Council funds her salary but does not provide an operating budget. Fareham Borough Council operates a weekly street market every Monday. Fareham Town Centre Management runs monthly farmers markets and ad hoc speciality markets.

Traditional retail markets today

    — How has the picture changed over the last 10 years? Smaller general street markets, emergence of farmers' markets.

    — Are the number and types of markets in decline? If so, why? Strong offers from supermarkets and budget supermarkets, emergence of £1 and value retailers.

    — Are there obstacles preventing the creation of more markets? Not particularly.

    — Are there obstacles hindering the successful business of existing market operators and traders? Yes—competition.

    — What has been the impact of specialist markets eg continental and farmers markets, and do such markets integrate successfully with older markets?

  Specialist and farmers' markets attract a different customer. They do not integrate with regular street markets, either from the traders' or the customers' perspective.

Their Social and Economic effects

    — What social and economic effects do traditional retail markets have on their local communities? They create a social hub. Whilst not all retailers benefit (because of the customer base they attract), most of them do claim that street market day is their busiest trading day of the week after Saturday.

Realising the potential of traditional retail markets

    — Does local government support markets effectively? Yes, it runs the traditional street market.

    — What are the advantages and disadvantages of local authorities having powers to operate markets? It can keep rentals un-commercially low.

  Fareham Town Centre Management is supported by R Ayling, Boots, Fareham Borough Council, Fareham Shopping Centre, Hampshire Police, Human Factor Solutions, LA Fitness, La Orient, Lysses House Hotel, The Market Quay Shopping Centre, Marked & Sparkling, Marks & Spencer, Robert Dyas, Rovers Tackle, Southampton & Fareham Chamber of Commerce, The Crown Pub, Warner Goodman and Wilkinsons.

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