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  This submission is made on behalf of the Retail Markets Alliance (RMA) which represents the four major organisations involved in the markets industry in the UK. The RMA was formed in 2008 with the intention of representing the views of the markets industry on major issues, and comprises the following organisations:

    — The National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA).

    — The National Market Traders' Federation (NMTF).

    — The Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) and

    — The National Farmers' Retail and Markets Association (FARMA).

  NABMA represents local authority operators of markets and also a significant number of private operators. Currently NABMA represents one hundred and sixty two local authorities and fourteen private operators and provides advice, good practice and a range of other services to its members.

  The NMTF represents the interests of more than 34,000 members throughout the UK. As well as providing them with the insurance cover they need to trade on retail markets, the NMTF lobbies on their behalf at local, national and international government level, and strives to ensure the industry not only survives, but thrives. The organisation also mounts major publicity campaigns to raise public awareness of the choice and value of markets. Through its popular website ( the Federation provides both traders and shoppers with details of more than 800 retail markets.

  The ATCM is a UK wide organisation engaged in the promotion of vitality and viability in town centres. It supports nearly 600 members including practitioners in town centre management initiatives, retailers, property owners and government agencies. In helping town and city centres realise their natural roles both as prosperous locations for business and investment, and as focal points for vibrant, inclusive communities, the ATCM has: assisted governments in England, Wales and Scotland in introducing Business Improvement District legislation; supported the formation of the skills and accreditation body the Institute of Place Management; and has formed valuable links with both the International Downtown Association based in the US and TOCEMA which includes similar European based town centre trade bodies.

  FARMA is a social enterprise of farmers and producers selling on a local scale and farmers' markets organisers. FARMA works throughout the UK and is the largest organisation of its type in the world representing direct sales to customers through farmers' markets and other outlets. FARMA is constituted as a co-operative having a sector developmental role as well as setting standards through a Certification programme for farmers' markets.

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