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Memorandum submitted by Marion H Gettleson (MARKETS 32)


    — Senior officers from Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea; Southwark & Westminster outlined proposed legislation, now in its second reading in the House of Lords, giving Councils powers to alter the governance of London markets.— The proposed legislation removes various protections from street traders. The Westminster officer said that given a choice, WCC would have no markets at all. Under the new legislation this appears a possibility.— The chairmen of street traders in RBKC and Southwark attended the Committee hearing. Neither had any previous knowledge of the proposed changes in the law.

    London Councils have almost completed the process of changing Parliamentary legislation on street trading: effectively in secret. No information was provided to street traders; communities; nor was any consultation process followed.

    — London Councils have circumvented the democratic process in matters that affect not only street traders, but large sections of the wider community.

    — In 1985 legislation on the same matter was promoted by RBKC & WCC. It was rejected by Parliament on its third reading in the House of Commons, on the grounds of the lack of public consultation. The event is recorded in Hansard. The London Local Authorities Act 1990 s.34 was the eventual legislative response to this matter.

    — In 1985 street traders engaged parliamentary agents to co-ordinate their efforts. The same agents are now believed to be promoting the current bill. Street traders no longer have a forum to debate their concerns; so are effectively helpless.

  Please help London markets.

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Prepared 23 July 2009