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Memorandum from the London Borough of Brent (MARKETS 37)

  Brent Council does not operate any markets. There are three within the Borough operated by private companies.

We do not have any firm knowledge of the success or otherwise of these markets but anecdotally they are becoming less varied and not as well supported.

  We do from time to time have French, farmers, African, continental or craft markets that are facilitated by Brent Council, but effectively may be managed by a third party. These markets when held take place usually as a street market. The markets take place by licensed consent with temporary street trading licences being granted to individual traders.

  Although Brent Council is not in a position to comment on the current situation with regard to the viability of markets, we have recently looked at the possibility of introducing one or more regular street markets.

  Officers have found current legislation confusing and unhelpful with regard to street markets within London being run by a third party or contracted to a market company. Initial enquiries suggest that there are differing schemes in place with each Authority.

  We would welcome clear legislation that supports Local Authorities facilitating or running street markets, particularly through a market management company without weakening our powers to prevent unauthorised or illegal street trading.

  Our biggest problem is that whereas we are keen to introduce street markets we do not have the expertise or resources to manage such an operation in-house.

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Prepared 23 July 2009