Supplementary written evidence from David Wyn Davies (PS 132)


Libel is not a short-term issue, as Parliament seems to think. The one year limit should be removed entirely and there should not be a time limit for bringing libel action. In terms of civil wrongs it is unique and its repercussions can be felt for years.

Since submitting the original evidence we have moved house back to my home area on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. On the first weekend I met up with friends and went out drinking. The following day I heard from one friend who informed me that there had been some minor trouble after I'd left. Someone, who it seems I do not know and who does not know me, started an argument with him. This person had heard that I was back in the area and was unhappy about it. From what my friend told me it seems that this individual had heard rumours and had got it into his head that I was a paedophile. He had developed a completely unshakeable belief in that 'fact'.

I recall that a few years ago the same friend informed me that someone I did know had mentioned the News of the World's article to someone else, who had then 'kicked off' about it. Unfortunately, mud sticks but it can get worse when rumours start. And, as we all know, once a rumour starts it can lead a life of its own. This is why it is imperative that libel action is open ended and that the source of rumours, where it has been a previously libellous article, can be pursued.

Thus far there has been no trouble relating to this idiot's beliefs and I am not overly concerned by them, but the power of this country's septic gutter journalism can grow beyond their initial articles.

I have now decided to attempt to launch a test case against the News of the World and others and am raising money for the venture.

September 2009