Written evidence from Alan Rusbridger, Editor, the Guardian (PS 135)


When we wrote to you on 28 September, our submission had to be in two parts, because we had been silenced by a super-injunction. That injunction has now been lifted, and we are able to tell you that Part 1 of our submission referred to the injunction, imposed on behalf of Trafigura at Carter-Ruck's request by a vacation duty judge, Maddison J, who was not a media law specialist, on 11 September 2009. It prevented us from disclosing the contents of the Minton Report about Trafigura's toxic waste. It also prevented us from telling anyone that Trafigura had injuncted us. It also prevented us, as Carter-Ruck subsequently maintained, from reporting proceedings in Parliament.


Alan Rusbridger

19 October 2009