PS 100



Dow Jones & Co

1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 10036 


10th July 2009


Mr. John Whittingdale OBE MP

Chairman, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee House of Commons,

7 Millbank,

London SW1P 3JA 


Dear John, 


My New York office has forwarded your letter of yesterday, asking me whether I wish to alter or amplify any of the answers I gave to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee in March 2007, and inviting me to appear next Tuesday before the Committee to give further evidence as part of its current investigation into Press standards, privacy and libel.


Thank you for the opportunity, but I do not wish to alter or add to my comments before your Committee; my answers then were sincere and I hope comprehensive. 


In any event, I am afraid attending a meeting next Tuesday is impossible for me as I have business engagements in California.  As you know, during my years in London I always was ready to appear at hearings, but I now live and work in the United States.


I understand, however, that senior News International executives will appear before you next week.  I left the company more than 18 months ago and obviously am unable to talk about events after my time there. 


Yours sincerely,