Memorandum submitted by Paul Joslyn


I have for many years been concerned about the way the Tabloids print so much about people's private affairs as really what people do in private sexually as long as within the law should be private and not in the public interest.


As a professional person I have also been amazed at how the media seem to focus on bad news as if the end of the world is about to happen and then swarm like parasites to the scene and ask witnesses the most personal of questions. The classic situation is the current "Credit Crunch" and the Press seem to love to panic the public with unrealistic claims that the future house market will plummet to below 50 per cent of current values or whatever.


It really is time that the Press Complaints Council was made to do more to protect the public and decent news. Fines should be forced for incorrect stories and compensation paid to the victims of such rubbish. I also feel that the Press Complaints Council should regulate journalists as the Financial Services Authority do for those who give advice in that sector. The public often believe the media more than our politicians or professionals which is a disaster for the UK.


Years ago we had real news stories; now we read speculation or stories about celebrities which really should never be printed and, worse, the photographers invade people's privacy. We should have laws on privacy as they have in other countries such as France.


April 2009