Supplementary memorandum from the Master of the Rolls


1. I submit this supplementary memorandum to the Committee in order to deal with a matter arising from the oral evidence session of 19 May 2009.


2. Paul Farrelly MP, of the Committee, raised a question as to the merits of a reform proposal set out in the written evidence submitted jointly by Advance Publications Inc, the Association of American Publishers, Associated Press, Bloomberg, CBS Television and a number of others. Those proposals are set out at paragraph 18 of their evidence. Seven reform proposals are set out in respect of internet publication, defamation and jurisdiction.


3. These are proposals for the reform of the substantive law and, as such, raise a number of policy issues. Although I have my own views on some of them, it would not be appropriate for me to express them to the Committee in my capacity as a serving member of the judiciary.


May 2009