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This Report describes the work of the Defence Committee in the 2007-08 Session. It illustrates how—in carrying out its work of scrutinising the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and associated public bodies—it has met the core tasks recommended to select committees by the Liaison Committee.

The Committee's last such Report described its work in 2007. In making the transition from an annual to a sessional Report, there has been an unavoidable overlap in reporting periods, with last year's Report and this both covering the latter part of 2007.

The Report highlights aspects of the Committee's working practices which depart from previous practice or which may otherwise be of particular interest. It draws specific attention to the Committee's findings during its inquiry into the Iran hostages incident, and its visit to Iraq and the Gulf in June. The Committee continues to underline the importance of visits to the Armed Forces on operational deployment. The Report also highlights the webforums held during its inquiries into Medical care for the Armed Forces and Recruiting and retaining Armed Forces personnel.

The Report draws attention to the Committee's horizon-scanning seminar in October, during which it discussed its working practices and programme for 2008-09, including its decision to utilise the MoD's Balanced Scorecard to help plot future inquiries.

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Prepared 14 January 2009