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4  Departmental Responses

60.  The MoD continues to respond to all our Reports within, or very shortly after, the two month deadline. Once received, we have this Session agreed to place the responses on our internet page in order to make them available to the House and to the public as quickly as possible before considering whether to print them in Special Reports or to follow up any of their content with the Department. While most of the Government responses we received were subsequently printed as Special Reports in the usual way, the response to our Spring Supplementary Estimates Report was appended to the Main Estimates Report: in addition we asked some further questions of the MoD concerning the response we received. The answers provided by the MoD were also appended to the Main Estimates Report. Our intention in publishing these documents together was to make the continuing dialogue with the Department over Estimates matters—which has been very successful to date—more comprehensible to the reader. We will continue to follow this practice with Estimates Reports and responses when it is appropriate. We do reiterate what we put in our Annual Report for 2007, that we would like Government responses to deal more fully not just with the content of the recommendations and conclusions of our Reports but also with the evidence and lines of argument that support those recommendations and conclusions.

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