Defence Equipment 2009 - Defence Committee Contents

Annex: List of Abbreviations

AFVArmoured Fighting Vehicles
BFPOBritish Forces Post Office
BVRAAMBeyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile
CBRNChemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear
CDMChief of Defence Materiel
CIPSChartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
CPMCertificated Project Manager
CSRComprehensive Spending Review
CVFFuture Aircraft Carrier (Carrier Vessel Future)
DACPDefence Acquisition Change Programme
DAS Defensive Aids Suite
DELDepartmental Expenditure Limit
DE&S Defence Equipment and Support
DIPDefence Industrial Policy
DISDefence Industrial Strategy
DLO Defence Logistics Organisation
DPADefence Procurement Agency
DSODepartmental Strategic Objective
DTSDefence Technology Strategy
FRESFuture Rapid Effect System
GDUKGeneral Dynamics UK
IPTIntegrated Project Team
ISDIn-Service Date
JCAJoint Combat Aircraft
JSFJoint Strike Fighter
Min (DE&S)Minister for Defence Equipment and Support
MoDMinistry of Defence
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MPRMajor Projects Report
NAONational Audit Office
NDICNational Defence Industries Council
PACEPerformance, Agility, Confidence and Efficiency
PI Performance Indicator
PR 09Planning Round 2009
PSAPublic Service Agreement
PUS Permanent Under-Secretary
RAFRoyal Air Force
Ro-RoRoll-on Roll-off
R&DResearch and Development
SMEsSmall and Medium-size Enterprises
STOVLShort Take Off and Vertical Landing
TADSTraining Accountant Development Scheme
TLBTop Level Budget
TLCMThrough Life Capability Management
UKUnited Kingdom
UORUrgent Operational Requirement
UVUtility Vehicle
VOPVariation of Price

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Prepared 26 February 2009