Ministry of Defence Annual Report and Accounts 2007-08 - Defence Committee Contents

Annex: list of abbreviations

AFPAA   Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency

C&AG  Comptroller and Auditor General

CSR  Comprehensive Spending Review

DE&S  Defence Equipment and Support

DfID  Department for International Development

DSG  Defence Support Group

DSO  Departmental Strategic Objective

ESDP  European Security and Defence Policy

EU  European Union

FCO   Foreign and Commonwealth Office

IAB  Investment Approvals Board

JPA  Joint Personnel Administration

MoD  Ministry of Defence

NAO   National Audit Office

NATO  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

ORF  Operational Reserve Force

PSA  Public Service Agreement

PUS  Permanent Under Secretary

SPVA  Service Personnel and Veterans Agency

SR  Spending Round

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Prepared 30 March 2009