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Annex A


  CST's terms of reference are:

    to advise the Prime Minister and the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales on the strategic policies and framework for:

      —  sustaining and developing science, engineering and technology (SET) in the UK, and promoting international co-operation in SET;

      —  fostering the practice and perception of science, engineering and technology as an integral part of the culture of the UK;

      —  promoting excellence in SET education;

      —  making more effective use of research and scientific advice in the development and delivery of policy and public services across Government; and

      —  promoting SET-based innovation in business and the public services to promote the sustainable development of the UK economy, the health and quality of life of UK citizens, and global sustainable development

  The Council will work on cross-cutting issues of strategic importance, taking a medium to longer term approach. In developing its advice it will take into account the cultural, economic, environmental, ethical and social context of developments in SET.

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