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ASKeAssessment Standards Knowledge Exchange
ASNsAdditional Student Numbers
BISDepartment for Business, Innovation and Skills
CBIConfederation of British Industry
CNAACouncil for National Academic Awards
CPDContinuing Professional Development
DCSFDepartment for Children, Schools and Families
DELNIDepartment for Employment and Learning (in Northern Ireland)
DIUSDepartment for Innovation, Universities and Skills
ECUK Engineering Council UK
ELQStudents studying for qualifications equivalent or lower to qualification they already have attained
FEFurther education
FECFurther education college
GCEGeneral Certificate of Education
GCSEGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education
HEHigher education
HEARHigher Education Achievement Report
HEDGHeads of Educational Development Group
HEFCEHigher Education Funding Council for England
HEFCWHigher Education Funding Council for Wales
HEIHigher Education Institution
HEIFESHigher Education in Further Education: Students Survey
HEPIHigher Education Policy Institute
HESAHigher Education Statistics Agency
HESESHigher Education Students Early Statistics Survey
IoDInstitute of Directors
Level 3Level 3 qualifications include A-levels and certain diplomas
NAONational Audit Office
NSSNational Student Survey
NUSNational Union of Students
NVQNational vocational qualifications are work-related, competence-based qualifications.
OFFAOffice for Fair Access
PGCEPostgraduate Certificate in Education in Higher Education
PhDDoctor of Philosophy
QAAQuality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
QR funding  Funding provided for quality-related research
RAEResearch Assessment Exercise
REFResearch Excellence Framework
SACWGStudent Assessment and Classification Working Group
SEDAStaff and Educational Development Association
SEMTASector Skills Council for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies
SFCScottish Funding Council
STEMScience, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
UCALUniversity of California
UCASUniversities and Colleges Admissions Service
UCLUniversity College London
UCUUniversity and College Union
UKCESUK Commission for Employment and Skills
UUKUniversities UK

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