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Wednesday 28 January 2009 [HC 170-i]
Professor Rick Trainor, President, Universities UK; Professor Malcolm Grant, Chairman of the Russell Group of Universities; Professor Les Ebdon CBE, Chair of Million+; and Professor Geoffrey Crossick, Warden, Goldsmiths, University of London, representing the 1994 Group;  
Ev 1
Professor David Baker, Principal, University College Plymouth, St Mark & St John, and Chair of GuildHE; Ms Pat Bacon, Principal and CEO, St Helen's College, representing the 157 Group; and Professor John Craven, Vice-Chancellor, University of Portsmouth, representing the University Alliance.  
Ev 12
Monday 9 February 2009 [HC 170-ii]
Wes Streeting, President, National Union of Students (NUS); Alex Bols, Head of Education and Quality, NUS; Rob Park, Caring Responsibilities Officer and Acting Secretary to Council, Birkbeck Students' Union; and Lisa Carson, President of the Open University Students Association;  
Ev 21  
Carrie Donaghy, student, Northumbria University; Ricky Chotai, student, University of Salford; Lucy Hopkins, student, University of Loughborough; Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka, Brunel University; and James Williamson, student, University of Sheffield;  
Ev 29
Lucy Davidson, student, Anglia Ruskin; Ken Harris, student, University of Wolverhampton; Gemma Jerome, student, University of Liverpool; Luke Pollard, student, Manchester Metropolitan University; Anand Raja, student, University of Birmingham; and Steve Topazio, student, University of Portsmouth.  
Ev 35
Monday 9 March 2009 [HC 170-iii]
Professor Bob Burgess, Chair of the HEAR Implementation Group and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester; Professor Gina Wisker, Chair, Heads of Education and Development Group (HEDG); Professor James Wisdom, Vice-Chair, Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA); and Professor Geoffrey Alderman, as a commentator on the quality and management in higher education.  
Ev 43 
Professor Paul Ramsden, Chief Executive, Higher Education Academy (HEA); Mr Peter Williams, Chief Executive, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA); and Mr Anthony McClaran, Chief Executive, Universities & Colleges Admissions (UCAS).  
Ev 51
Monday 23 March 2009 [HC 370-i]
Professor Gerald Pillay, Vice-Chancellor and Rector, Liverpool Hope University; Professor Michael Brown, Vice-Chancellor, Liverpool John Moores University; and Professor Jon Saunders, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Liverpool;  
Ev 92
Professor Bernard Longden, Liverpool Hope University; Professor Lin Norton, Liverpool Hope University; Professor Mantz Yorke, Lancaster University, formerly of John Moores University;  
Ev 101
Ms Carly Rowley, student, Liverpool Hope University; Mr Tom Dutton, student, Liverpool Hope University; Mr Adam Hodgson, student, John Moores University; Mr Joel Martin, student, John Moores University; Ms Gemma Jerome, student, University of Liverpool; and Mr Edward Nussey, student, University of Liverpool.  
Ev 108
Monday 30 March 2009 [HC 370-ii]
Professor Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University; and Dr John Hood, Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford;  
Ev 117
Professor Margaret Price, Oxford Brookes University; Dr Chris Rust, Oxford Brookes University; Professor Roger Goodman, University of Oxford, and Professor Alan Ryan, University of Oxford;  
Ev 126
Mr Gregory Andrews, student, Mr David Child, student; Ms Victoria Edwards, student; Ms Meagan Pitt, student; Mr Jun Rentschler, student and Ms Sally Tye, student, Oxford Brookes University.  
Ev 131
Wednesday 29 April 2009 [HC 370-iii]
John Crompton, Head of R&D Recruitment for Europe, Procter & Gamble for the CBI; John Harris, Higher Skills/Education Manager, SEMTA; Mike Harris, Head of Education and Skills Policy, Institute of Directors (IoD); and Andrew Ramsay, Chief Executive Officer, Engineering Council UK (ECUK);  
Ev 140
Ricky Chotai, student, University of Salford; Carrie Donaghy, student, Northumbria University; Alasdair Farquharson, student, University of Wolverhampton; Gemma Jerome, student, University of Liverpool; Anand Raja, student, University of Birmingham; and Ed Steward, student, University College London.  
Ev 147 
Wednesday 6 May 2009 [HC 170-iv]
Professor Michael Arthur, Vice-Chancellor, University of Leeds; Professor Michael Driscoll, Vice-Chancellor, Middlesex University; and Professor Roger Brown, Former Vice-Chancellor of Southampton Solent University;  
Ev 60
Sally Hunt, General Secretary, University and College Union; Dr Natalie Fenton, Goldsmiths, University of London; Veronica Killen, Northumbria University; and Dr Gavin Reid, University of Leeds.  
Ev 71
Monday 11 May 2009 [HC 170-v]
Rt Hon John Denham MP, Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills and Sir Alan Langlands, Chief Executive of the Higher Education Funding Council for England.  
Ev 79

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