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Memorandum 112

Supplementary evidence from Professor Roger Goodman[384]

  When I gave oral evidence to the Committee on 30 March, the Chairman asked me (Q260) whether the University of Oxford ever goes outside the Russell Group for our external examiners. At the time, my reply was: "I am pretty sure we do go outside the Russell Group for our external examiners but I could not give you a case here and now, and I myself have been an external examiner in non-Russell Group universities, including in fact this university here". I have asked my University for further information on this point, so that I can provide a fuller response to the Committee. I am now writing to provide this information, in the hope that it is of help to the work of the Committee.

In the past year, Oxford University has used 284 external examiners across its undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses. Of these, 120 have been from Russell Group universities, and 164 came to us from outside the Russell Group. Those from outside the Russell Group included: academics employed by the 1994 Group, the University Alliance, and Million+; a number of medical doctors who work primarily in NHS hospitals; and several academics from learned institutions or who otherwise have no current higher education institution affiliation. Ten of our external examiners are from overseas universities, in the EU, other European countries, and North America. Oxford University therefore recruits its external examiners from a diverse range of universities.

May 2009

384   University of Oxford, following the oral evidence session on 30 March 2009. Back

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