Students and Universities - Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee Contents

Annex A


Members Consulted

    Professor Patrick Ainley
    Ms Elizabeth Allen
    Professor Graham Badley
    Professor Ronald Barnett
    Dr. Rosanna Breen
    Professor Roger Brown
    Dr. Angela Brew
    Professor Bruce Brown
    Professor Reva Brown
    Dr. Joyce Canaan
    Mr Allan Davies
    Professor Grainne Conole
    Dr. Glynis Cousin
    Professor Rob Cuthbert
    Professor Vaneeta D'Andrea
    Professor Miriam David
    Dr. Dawn Edwards
    Professor Lewis Elton
    Dr. Liz Elvidge
    Professor David Good
    Dr. Chris Hall
    Professor Lee Harvey
    Dr. Nick Hammond
    Professor Alan Jenkins
    Professor Aled Jones
    Professor Sam Leinster
    Dr. Lisa Lucas
    Professor Herbert Marsh
    Professor Ian McNay
    Ms Mary Morrison
    Professor Andrea Nolan
    Ms Andre Oboler
    Professor Andrew Pollard
    Mr Alastair Robertson
    Professor Stephen Rowland
    Prof. Chris Webster
    Dr Su A White
    Ms Barbara Zamorski
    Mr Ged Matthews: Clerk to the R & T Group

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