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Memorandum 2

Supplementary evidence following the oral evidence session on 4 February 2009

  Further to the question with regard to staffing at Daresbury, please find attached a short memorandum and supporting information (see annex).

  As you will be aware, there was an exchange with regard to the STFC's 2007 CSR Allocation letter in the course of the hearing. Professor Mason will write separately to Mr Willis with respect to this matter and I will email this to you next week.

  In the course of the hearing, Mr Cawsey enquired about the STFC's spend on communication consultants. For the period 1 April 2008-31 January 2009, the STFC's spend on communications, stakeholder and marketing Consultancy and Professional Services has been approximately £165,000, covering a wide variety of activities across the organisation.

February 2009

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