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Memorandum 3

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  1.  Phase II of the SRS Decommissioning project is scheduled to complete on 31 March 2010 and we are now looking at the staffing requirements for financial year 2010-11.

  2.  Regrettably, current projections show that not all of the staff effort which will become free when SRS decommissioning ends, can be absorbed into other funded activities or lost through natural wastage. Following consultation with the Trade Unions we are, therefore, introducing at DL with immediate effect formal pre-redundancy measures as defined in the STFC Redundancy Procedures Agreement (Appendix A to CEM 18C). As one of a range of actions that will be taken, this Notice invites staff at DL to consider whether they might wish to volunteer for early release on standard CES/CER terms (or PNISS equivalent if relevant). Other pre-redundancy measures include provision of enhanced relocation terms where an appropriate transfer from to DL to another STFC site is agreed (see DL Information Notice 2006/13) and also consideration of transfers of staff into suitable opportunities in the Civil Service or CS-related bodies as set out in CCLRC Notice 2006/40.

  3.  As stated above we are working closely with the Trade Unions on this matter and discussions have included lessons learned from the previous exercise and how we can take these forward.


  4.  The reduction sought is up to a maximum of 27 posts mostly in the Technology Department at DL. The disciplines involved are shown in the table with numbers assuming the worst case scenario in which no redeployment is possible.
Discipline/Category BandsApproximate Numbers
Engineering managementF   1
Mechanical/Vacuum TechnicianE-D-C 14
Electrical TechnicianE-D-C   3
Controls/Electronics TechnicianE-D-C   2
Assets ManagersE  2
Riggers/EstatesD-C-B   5

  5.  Applications will be considered from staff in the above disciplines if their departure would allow the redeployment of a person from those areas where reductions are needed. If you are unsure whether one of the above categories applies to you then please speak to your line manager or to Joanne Cleveland in HR.

  6.  Early release would be at 31 March 2010 though there may be scope to agree an alternative date in a few individual cases.

  7.  It is entirely a matter for individuals to decide whether to apply for early release and no pressure will be put on individuals to apply. Nor will there be any impact on the future career of any member of staff who applies for early release, but who later withdraws their application or where the application cannot be agreed for operational reasons.

  8.  Staff may find it helpful to discuss their situation with their line management before submitting an application. The appropriate Department and Project management team will be consulted in deciding which applications are accepted. Decisions will be informed by the latest projections for skills requirements related to work load after decommissioning is completed in April 2010.

  9.  Applications should be submitted by 27 February 2009 to Joanne Cleveland and it is expected that decisions will made by no later than 31 March. The application form is attached.

  10.  Outplacement services will be available to staff who have their application for early release agreed. DL Information Notice 01/06 has full details of the services provided.


  11.  On 1 April the Engineering Technology Centre (ETC) will be formed, based on the Project Engineering Groups in Technology Department. The ETC will offer greater integration of engineering activities and a more programme-focussed approach, and represents an important step in developing a sustainable project portfolio.

  12.  We very much hope that a healthy future work portfolio and the actions being taken including this call for volunteers will deliver the staff reduction necessary. Running a voluntary exercise in good time will give us the scope to avoid compulsory redundancies if this is possible. If it is not, formal, compulsory redundancy measures would be targeted at 31 March 2010 with redundancy notices, if required, being served by 1 October 2009.

  13.  A formal announcement on whether compulsory measures will be needed will be made as soon as possible during April 2009. Staff who will be at risk of redundancy will be informed during May 2009.

  The content of this Notice has been agreed with the TU Side. If you have any queries about it please contact Joanne Cleveland in the first instance.

February 2009

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