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Memorandum 4

Supplementary evidence from Professor Keith Mason, Chief Executive, Science and Technology Facilities Council, following the oral evidence session on 4 February 2009

  At my recent appearance before the Select Committee we discussed the STFC's CSR07 allocation letter.

  Subsequent to the hearing I was made aware that the publication of Grants Allocations Letters to Research Councils was the subject of a Parliamentary Question to the Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, which was answered yesterday.

  The Government has confirmed in that PQ that its policy remains the same as that outlined in its response to the IUSS Select Committee in June 2008; that is, it does not intend to publish its specific interactions with Councils on the allocations process, not least because these relate to commercially confidential negotiations with international partners and suppliers.

  I fully understand the reasoning behind the Government's decision, which applies to the Research Councils as a whole. In the light of this, I do not think it is appropriate for me to put the specific correspondence I have received from DIUS into the public domain. I must emphasise, however, that the substance of STFC's allocation is in the Council's Delivery Plan and in the DIUS Allocation Booklet.

February 2009

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