Engineering: turning ideas into reality: Government Response to the Committee's Fourth Report - Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee Contents

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2008-09
First ReportRe-skilling for recovery: After Leitch, implementing skills and training policies HC 48-I (HC 365)
Second ReportThe Work of the Committee 2007-08 HC 49
Third ReportDIUS's Departmental Report 2008 HC 51-I (HC 383)
Fourth ReportEngineering: turning ideas into reality HC 50-I
Fourth Special Report The future of science scrutiny following the merger of DIUS and BERR HC 662

Session 2007-08
First ReportUK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation HC 185 (HC 459)
Second ReportThe work and operation of the Copyright Tribunal HC 245 (HC 637)
Third ReportWithdrawal of funding for equivalent or lower level qualifications (ELQs) HC 187-I (HC 638)
Fourth ReportScience Budget Allocations HC 215 (HC 639)
Fifth ReportRenewable electricity-generation technologies HC 216-I
(HC 1063)
Sixth ReportBiosecurity in UK research laboratories HC 360-I
(HC 1111)
Seventh ReportPre-legislative Scrutiny of the Draft Apprenticeships Bill HC 1062-I
(HC (2008-09)262)
First Special Report The Funding of Science and Discovery Centres: Government Response to the Eleventh Report from the Science and Technology Committee, Session 2006-07 HC 214
Second Special Report The Last Report: Government Response to the Thirteenth Report from the Science and Technology Committee, Session 2006-07 HC 244
Fourth Special Report Investigating the Oceans: Government Response to the Science and Technology Committee's Tenth Report of Session 2006-07 HC 506 [incorporating
HC 469-i]

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