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Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee - Minutes of Evidence [Back to Report]
Securing food supplies up to 2050: the challenges faced by the UK

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 13 July 2009.


Members present

Mr Michael Jack, in the Chair

Mr David DrewDr Gavin Strang
Mr James GrayDavid Taylor
Lynne JonesPaddy Tipping
David LepperMr Roger Williams
Miss Anne McIntosh


Memorandum submitted by Chatham House (SFS 66)

Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: Mr Andrew Jarvis and Ms Kate Bailey, Chatham House food supply project, gave evidence.

Question Number

95 - 99

100 - 119

120 - 138

Supplementary memorandum submitted by Chatham House (SFS 66a)

Memorandum submitted by Rothamsted Research (SFS 15)

Memorandum submitted by Warwick HRI (SFS 53)

Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: Professor Ian Crute (Director) and Mr Bill Clark, Rothamsted Research, and Professor Brian Thomas and Professor David Pink, Warwick HRI, gave evidence.

Question Number

139 - 159

160 - 179

180 - 187

Supplementary memorandum submitted by Rothamsted Research (SFS 15a)

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