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ABM      Anti-Ballistic Missile (Treaty)

AP      Additional Protocol (to a comprehensive safeguards agreement)

ATAS      Academic Technology Approval Scheme

ATT      Arms Trade Treaty

BASIC      British American Security Information Council

BERR      Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

BMA      British Medical Association

BMD      Ballistic Missile Defence

BTWC  Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (also abbreviated to BWC)

BW  Biological weapons

BWPP      Bio-Weapons Prevention Project

CAEC      Committees on Arms Export Controls (of the House of Commons)

CB(W)      Chemical and biological (weapons)

CCW      Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons

CFE      Conventional Forces in Europe (Treaty)

CND      Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

CPPNM    Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material

CSA      Comprehensive safeguards agreement (with the IAEA)

CSR      Comprehensive Spending Review

CTBT      Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

CTBTO    Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation

CW      Chemical weapons

CWC      Chemical Weapons Convention

DECC      Department of Energy and Climate Change

EGAD      Export Group for Aerospace and Defence

ESS      European Security Strategy

EU      European Union

FATF      International Financial Action Task Force

FCO      Foreign and Commonwealth Office

FMCT      Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty

FSU      Former Soviet Union

GICNT    Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism

GNEP      Global Nuclear Energy Programme

HEI      Higher Education Institution(s)

HMRC      Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs

IAEA      International Atomic Energy Agency

ICBM      Intercontinental ballistic missile

ICNND    International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and

IISS      International Institute for Strategic Studies

INF      Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (Treaty)

INFCIRC    Information Circular (of the IAEA)

ISU      Implementation Support Unit (of the BTWC)

ITDC      Illicit Trafficking Database (of the IAEA)

MOD      Ministry of Defence

MTCR      Missile Technology Control Regime

NATO      North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NGO      Non-governmental organisation

NMD      National Missile Defence

NPT      Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NSF      Nuclear Security Fund (of the IAEA)

NSG      Nuclear Suppliers Group

NSP      Nuclear Security Plan (of the IAEA)

NTI      Nuclear Threat Initiative

OEWG      Open Ended Working Group (on the ATT)

OPCW      Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

OSCE      Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

PoA      (UN) Programme of Action (on Small Arms and Light Weapons)

PSA      Public Service Agreement

PSI      Proliferation Security Initiative

RUSI      Royal United Services Institute

SALW      Small arms and light weapons

SORT      Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty

SSBN      Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine

START      Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

UN      United Nations

UNA-UK    United Nations Association of the UK

UNRCA    UN Register of Conventional Arms

UNSCOM    UN Special Commission (for Iraq)

UNSCR    UN Security Council Resolution

UKWG    UK Working Group on Arms

VVS      Voluntary Vetting Scheme

WHO      World Health Organization

WMD      Weapons of Mass Destruction

ZC      Zangger Committee

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