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Letter from Mr David Bargh

  As a Christian, green socialist I would like to raise a few issues with you. From a Christian perspective —"Thou shalt not kill"—so, that means no nuclear, chemical, biological or conventional weapons of any description. "Love thy/thine neighbour/enemy".—Why are you not already doing this? If you did this, you would put yourselves out of a job. Are you not Christians? If you are Christians, then you know what your duty is.

  From a green perspective weapons of all description take time to decay and become obsolete, in the case of nukes about 240,000 years. So, you can see into the future for that amount of time can you?

  It is a shame that the current "socialist" government in Britain seems to have abandoned all its youthful commitments. How many are ex-members of CND?

  Lastly, "Missile Defence", a waste of time, effort and money, also guaranteed to irritate and annoy just about every country in the world who may have a vague foreign policy difference to the USA. If you are looking for the next nuclear strike, then may I suggest that you check out what is on the top of every terrorist's wish list—a small nuclear device that they can sneak into a country like the USA, by the back door.

  I close in wishing you and all on the team many sleepless nights sorting this mess out, someone has to, it appears to be you.

25 August 2008

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