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 Letter from David Penn

  It has become increasingly obvious in recent years that worldwide nuclear disarmament is an imperative, as more and more countries are saying, "if you can, so can we". Don't forget, we all promised at the UN we would work towards disarmament.

  We must now make talks practical, with this real and urgent goal.

  Meanwhile, as we cannot afford to wait, maybe for many years, before there are tangible results, we must eliminate our own nuclear arms immediately, as a necessary example and as a real, practical contribution to the process, and allow free and full verification inspections in the UK and in all other countries.

  No more dallying!

  No more billions of wasted money!

  No more threatening postures, instead more friendship and cooperation.

  (I will not be sending a written version of this, but please don't therefore ignore it—what a mad gesture that would be!)

3 September 2008

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