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 Letter from J K Sirothin, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmanent member against Government legislation of nuclear weapons

  I am a member of the CND to where my Co-ordinator has authorised me to write to you to give evidence to your inquiry on Global Security: Non-proliferation this month.

  The Treaty was signed in 1968 and came into force in 1970 to where North Korea withdrew in 2003.

  The points that I wish to make are as follows:

    (i) The Non-Proliferation Treaty has been effective in preventing the spread of nuclear weapons to other countries.

    (ii) However, the P5 had nuclear weapons authorised by NPT when the Treaty was signed in 1968 that is quite different from saying that they can keep them for ever, that is far from honouring their commitment under Article 6 of the NPT, that are modernising their nuclear arsenals.

    (iii) Unless there is a genuine movement on the point of the P5, the NPT is in danger of collapse.

    (iv) The UK could take a world lead in honouring its commitments under Article 6 and abandoning plans to renew Trident.

    (v) The agreement to site US missile defence interceptors in Poland has produced a predictably dangerous response from Russia.

    (vi) The UK should refuse to allow the USA to use the Yorkshire bases of Fylingdales and Menwith Hill for the US missile defence system, which is leading to a new arms race.

  If my dispute is turned down I shall complain to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

1 September 2008

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