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 Letter from Joy Beswick, Erick Walker and Edna Lomay

  The Non-Proliferation Treaty has been effective in preventing the spread of nuclear weapons to other countries apart from Israel. However the P5 far from honouring their commitments under Article 6 of the NPT are modernising their nuclear arsenals, the UK government is planning to update their nuclear weapons making them more deadly and costing billions of pounds which our country cannot afford. It is immoral.

  Unless there is genuine movement on the part of the P5 the NPT is in danger of collapse. The UK should take a world lead in honouring its commitments under article 6 of the NPT and abandoning plans to renew Trident.

  The agreement to site US missile defence interceptors in Poland has produced a predictably dangerous response from Russia. The UK should refuse the use of the Yorkshire bases of Fylingdales and Menwith Hill to the US missile defence system which is leading to a new arms race.

  So surely most people in the world would be very glad if there could be some real "Non-Proliferation"—that these ugly weapons could eventually be phased out.

  And I am sure the local CND group would be wanting to sign besides many more than half the British people are against updating nuclear weapons, they would rather the billions of pounds planning to be spent on such an immoral undertaking to be spent on extra money for senior citizens pensions—the NHS and higher wages for the poorly paid etc. etc.

16 September 2008

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Prepared 14 June 2009