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 Letter from Vera Graubart

  The proliferation of nuclear and other weapons around the world must concern us all! The loosely termed "balance of power" between larger nations becomes increasingly unbalanced as further nations arm themselves (or are armed by others—see India, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc.)

  Proliferation is very costly—particularly at a time of economic woes such as now (the 1929 bank crash made world war II that much more likely). Those who would "guard" us with incalculable weapons impoverish us too—and make us a prime target for attack.

  Hopefully, the USA Government will not court Russia in retaliation by siting missile systems in Poland or other lands bordering Russia (that would be all too reminiscent of the "stand-off" between USA and Russia when missiles were sited in Cuba in the 1960s). Hopefully a future USA President will have more sense.

  As weapons testing produces a lot of carbon, where is the United Kingdom's "footprint" in all this?

  I hope very much that you will argue the case for ridding—or at least reducing—the nuclear weapons held in the UK.

8 September 2008

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