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Letter from E B Worrall

  I would like to submit the following evidence to the Committee's Inquiry.

    —  The Non-Proliferation Treaty has been effective in preventing the spread of nuclear weapons to other countries.

    —  But China, France, Russia, UK and the US (P5) instead of honouring their commitments under Article 6 of the NPT, are modernising their nuclear arsenals.

    —  If the P5 nations continue to behave in this way, the NPT is in danger of collapse.

    —  The UK could and should take a world lead in honouring its commitments under Article 6 and decline to renew Trident.

    —  Recently the agreement to site US missile defence interceptors in Poland has predictably produced a dangerous response from Russia.

    —  The UK should refuse to allow the US to use the Yorkshire bases of Fylingdales and Menwith Hill for the US missile defence system, as this is leading the way to a new arms race.

25 August 2008

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