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Submission from Dr David Lowry


  On 5 November I listened to three witnesses give oral testimony before the FASC. These comprised respectively Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Professor of International Politics, Bradford University, and Professorial Fellow, Royal United Services Institute, and Mark Fitzpatrick, Senior Fellow for Non-Proliferation, International Institute for Strategic Studies and Director, IISS Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme, presented together, followed by an excellent and impressively incisive contribution by Baroness Williams of Crosby, Adviser to the United Kingdom Prime Minister on Non-Proliferation; Member, International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament .

  Mr Fitzpatrick, an American citizen, gave the impression that the United Kingdom's own glacially slow progress on meeting its own nuclear disarmament obligations—under the NPT and other treaties—would have no impact on Iran's atomic aspirations, as he sees them. He said, in terms:

    "I do not think that Iran would change based on what the United Kingdom does with its own nuclear policy; Iran's pursuit has nothing to do with the United Kingdom."

  Based on some thirty years experience of nuclear policy, nuclear security and nuclear proliferation analysis, some of it as co-founder and director of the European Proliferation Information Centre (now defunct), I disagree.

  Below I have compiled a collection of my recent writings on member state compliance with NPT, and related asymmetrical obligations on States Parties to the NPT, to demonstrate that what self-appointed nuclear weapons states such as the United Kingdom does, has a material diplomatic impact on states such as Iran, which have ambiguous atomic status.

  I would be very pleased to give further evidence if you would find that helped the Inquriy. Otherwise, please do publish this evidence.

Dr David Lowry

Environmental Policy and Research consultant, specialising in nuclear materials and security matters

20 November 2008

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