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Glossary of Terms


AIHRC  Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission  

AOG  Armed Opposition Groups

ANA  Afghan National Army  

ANP  Afghan National Police

ANSF  Afghan National Security Forces  

BAAG  British and Irish Aid Agencies in Afghanistan Group

CENTCOM  US Central Command  

CMMH  Civilian Military Mission in Helmand  

COMISAF  Commander of ISAF  

CSTC - A  Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan  

DDR  Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration programme

DfID  Department for International Development

DIAG  Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups  

EU  European Union

EUPOL  EU Police Mission

FATA   Federally Administered Tribal Areas

FCO  Foreign & Commonwealth Office

FDD  Focussed District Development  

HMG  Her Majesty's Government  

IEC  Independent Electoral Commission

IED  Improvised Explosive Device

ISAF  International Security Assistance Force  

LeT  Lashkar e Toiba

MISFA  Micro Finance Investment Support Facility of Afghanistan

MOD  Ministry of Defence

MoU  Memorandum of Understanding

NATO  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NDCS  National Drug Control Strategy

NGO  Non-governmental organisation

NWFP  North West Frontier Province  

NSID (OD)  National Security, International Relations and Development Cabinet Committee

OEF  Operation Enduring Freedom

OMLT  Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team

OSCE  Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe

PCRU  Post Conflict Reconstruction Unit  

PGF  Pro-Government Forces

PRT  Provincial Reconstruction Team

RC (S)  Regional Command (South)  

PTS  Strengthening Peace Program (PTS is its Afghan acronym)

TFH  Task Force Helmand

TNSM  Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi

UN  United Nations

UNAMA  United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan

UNDP  United Nations Development Programme

UNODC  United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

UNSCR  United Nations Security Council Resolution

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