The Trade in Human Beings: Human Trafficking in the UK - Home Affairs Committee Contents

Key facts

Between 100,000 and 800,000 people are trafficked into the EU each year
At a conservative estimate, there are at least 5,000 trafficking victims in the UK
About 8,000 women work in off-street prostitution in London alone, 80% of whom are foreign nationals
Over 1000 women trafficked into prostitution have been referred to the Poppy Project since March 2003
200-300 victims of trafficking for domestic labour register with the relevant NGO each year
It is estimated 330 child victims will be trafficked into the UK each year
About 60% of suspected child victims in local authority care go missing and are not subsequently found
There is long-term government funding for 35 places for victims in safe accommodation
92 people were convicted of sex trafficking and four for labour trafficking between 2004 and December 2008
There are only 100-300 prosecutions for trafficking across the EU each year
Each sex trafficker earns on average £500-£1000 per woman per week

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