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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

The reference number of the Government's response to each Report after the HC printing number is printed in brackets

Session 2008-09
a)  First Report b)  Monitoring of the UK Border Agency c)   HC 77
d)  Second Report e)  Police and the Media f)  HC 75
g)  Third Report h)  The Work of the Committee 2007-08 i)  HC 76
j)  Fourth Report k)  Policing Process of Home Office Leaks Inquiry   HC l)  HC 157
m)  Fifth Report n)  Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill [HL]
o)   HC 425

Session 2007-08
p)  First Report q)  The Government's Counter-Terrorism Proposals r)  HC 43
s)  Second Report t)  Bulgarian and Romanian Accession to the EU: Twelve months on u)  HC 59
v)  Third Report w)  Security Industry Authority x)  HC 144
y)  Fourth Report z)  Work of the Committee in 2007 aa)  HC 226
bb)  Fifth Report cc)  A Surveillance Society?
dd)   HC 58 (Cm 7449)
ee)  Sixth Report ff)  Domestic Violence, Forced Marriage and "Honour"-Based Violence gg)  HC 263
(Cm 7450)
hh)  Seventh Report ii)  Policing in the 21st Century jj)  HC 364

Session 2006-07
kk)  First Report ll)  Work of the Committee in 2005-06 mm)  HC 296
nn)  Second Report oo)  Young Black People and the Criminal Justice System pp)  HC 181
(Cm 7217)
qq)  Third Report rr)  Justice and Home Affairs Issues at European Union Level ss)  HC 76 (HC 1021)
tt)  Fourth Report uu)  Police Funding
vv)   HC 553 (HC 1092)

Session 2005-06
ww)  First Report xx)  Draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill (First Joint Report with Work and Pensions Committee) yy)  HC 540
(Cm 6755)
zz)  Second Report aaa)  Draft Sentencing Guideline: Robbery bbb)  HC 947
ccc)  Third Report ddd)  Draft Sentencing Guidelines—Overarching Principles: Domestic Violence and Breach of a Protective Order eee)  HC 1231
fff)  Fourth Report ggg)  Terrorism Detention Powers hhh)  HC 910

iii)  (Cm 6906)

jjj)  Fifth Report kkk)  Immigration Control lll)  HC 947

mmm)  (Cm 6910)

nnn)  Sixth Report ooo)  Draft Sentencing Guideline: Sexual Offences Act 2003 ppp)  HC 1582

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