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Examination of Witnesses (Questions 180-199)


12 MAY 2009

  Q180  Mr Winnick: One police officer?

  Ms Fisher: Yes. I pushed him back and straightaway he hit me in the face with the back of his hand.

  Q181  Mr Winnick: We saw that on television, I think.

  Ms Fisher: Yes.

  Q182  Mr Winnick: He had a gloved hand and he slapped you across the face.

  Ms Fisher: Yes.

  Q183  Mr Winnick: Without justifying it in any way, your view is that you said absolutely nothing to him that could have provoked that attack, is it?

  Ms Fisher: I did not speak to him, contact him or look at him before he attacked me.

  Q184  Mr Winnick: Presumably you were deeply shocked.

  Ms Fisher: Yes.

  Q185  Mr Winnick: It is not the way you would expect a police officer to behave.

  Ms Fisher: Not at all, no.

  Q186  Mr Winnick: You would not have expected the police officer to act as he did, would you?

  Ms Fisher: No. I thought they had to act in response to a threat. I had made no contact with the police officer prior to the attack.

  Q187  Mr Winnick: We saw the incident on television and we have had other reactions to that. So you were slapped across the face. What happened next?

  Ms Fisher: After he slapped me I was shocked and angry and I shouted at him.

  Q188  Mr Winnick: Did you swear at him?

  Ms Fisher: I shouted at him, "What are you doing hitting a **** woman?" I did swear then. I also pointed out to him that there were two film crews next to me filming him. I was trying to point out what are you doing hitting a woman and there are film crews filming you.

  Q189  Chairman: What happened after that, Ms Fisher?

  Ms Fisher: Straight after that he got his stick out—

  Q190  Mr Winnick: The same police officer?

  Ms Fisher: Yes.

  Q191  Chairman: He got his what out?

  Ms Fisher: His stick and hit me twice. He hit me over the back of my leg and I stumbled backwards, someone caught me and my leg went up and he hit me again and caught me at the bottom of my leg.

  Q192  Mr Winnick: So during this incident you were hit three times?

  Ms Fisher: Yes.

  Q193  Mr Winnick: What injuries did you receive as a result of being slapped on your legs? Were you in hospital?

  Ms Fisher: I went to the local hospital, St Bart's Minor Injuries Unit and got some painkillers. I went to my doctor's the next day. I had a seven-inch by three-inch bruise at the top of my leg and a two-inch by four-inch bruise at the bottom of my leg.

  Q194  Mr Winnick: Is it now healed?

  Ms Fisher: Yes.

  Q195  Mr Winnick: As we understand the position, you sold your story to the media.

  Ms Fisher: Yes.

  Q196  Mr Winnick: Would you be good enough to tell us how much you received?

  Ms Fisher: There have been reports of £50,000 in the press reported as a fact, which is ridiculous. I did not do a deal for £50,000.

  Q197  Chairman: Mr Winnick wants to know how much.

  Ms Fisher: Is that really relevant?

  Mr Winnick: You do not have to answer. It is entirely up to you.

  Q198  Chairman: You are not an MP. You do not need to disclose anything! In answer to Mr Winnick's final question about you getting medical treatment, has that information now been passed to the IPCC?

  Ms Fisher: Yes.

  Q199  Chairman: Have you had any further contact from the Metropolitan Police or any other official organisation about what happened?

  Ms Fisher: I have had no contact from any police force.

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