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Annex 2: International case note review studies

CountryNumber of hospitals Number of admissions Year of admissions Adverse event rate (%)i
USA (California)23 20,8641974 4.65ii
USA (New York State) 5130,121 19843.7
USA (Massachusetts) 13,141 1990-1 2.7iii
Australia (New South Wales and South Australia) 2814,179 199216.6iv
USA (Utah and Colorado) 2814,732 19922.9
UK (London)2 1,0141998 10.8
Denmark17 1,0971998 9.0
New Zealand (Auckland) 31,326 199510.7
New Zealand13 6,5791998 12.9v
France (Aquitaine) 7778 Unknown14.5
Canada (Ottawa)1 502Unknown 12.7
Canada20 3,7452000 7.5
UK (England)1 1,0062004 10.9vi
Spain24 5,6242005 9.3
Netherlands21 7,9262004 5.7

i Proportion of admissions associated with adverse events (i.e. incidents in which patients were harmed).

ii Data relate to numbers of "potentially compensable events".

iii Study oriented towards discovering cases of potential medical negligence. When the same notes were examined using a different approach to assess all forms of harm to patients, the rate was put at 11%.

iv Applying a different methodology to the same data has given a figure of 10.6%.

v Prevalence rate, i.e. rate over period 1998-2000 in a population of patients admitted in 1998.

vi Applying a different methodology to the same data has given a figure of 7.2%.

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