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List of further written evidence

The following written submissions were received after the publication of Health Inequalities: Written evidence, HC 422-II, Session 2007-08. They are reproduced with the Oral evidence in Volume II of this Report.
1Department of Health (HI 01A and 01C)
2Men's Health Forum (HI 23A)
3Unite / CPHVA (HI 48A)
4Mencap (HI 51A)
5Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) (HI 63A)
6Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) (HI 63B)
7Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) (HI 63C)
8Kay-Tee Khaw, Professor of Clinical Gerontology, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine (HI 101)
9National Obesity Forum (HI 102)
10Dignity in Dying (HI 103)
11Professor Sir Michael Marmot, UCL (HI 104)
12Dr Julian Tudor Hart (HI 105)
13Professor Margaret Whitehead (HI 106)
14Professor Richard Wilkinson (HI 107)
15The King's Fund (HI 108)
16Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust (HI 109)
17Liverpool Primary Care Trust and Liverpool City Council (HI 110)
18Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust (HI 111)
19Sally Macintyre, MRS Social and Public Health Sciences Unit (HI 112, HI 112A and HI 112B)
20Professor Maria Goddard, University of York (HI 113)
21Sure Start Barkerend Children's Centre (HI 114)
22Sure Start Children's Centres, District of Bradford (HI 115)
23National Evaluation of Sure Start (HI 116)
24Millmead Children's Centre Partnership Limited (HI 117)
25Millmead Children's Centre Partnership Limited (HI 117A)
26West Ham and Plaistow New Deal Partnership Limited (HI 118)
27Professor Julian Le Grand, Health England (HI 119)
28Professor James Nazroo, University of Manchester (HI 120)
29Professor Martin Roland, National Primary Care Research and Development Centre (HI 121 and HI 121A)
30Citizens Advice Bureau (HI 122)
31BLISS (HI 123)
32EarlyBird Diabetes Trust (HI 124)
33PROSTaid (HI 125)
34Professor Tony Culyer (HI 126)
35NHS London Healthy Urban Development Unit (HI 127, HI 127A and HI 127B))
36Rob Ballantyne (HI 128 and HI 128A)
37Professor Peter C Smith (HI 129 and HI 129A)
38Professor Sarah Cowley and Christine Bidmead (HI 130)
39Professor Sarah Cowley and Christine Bidmead (HI 130A and HI 130B)
40Professor Jane Sandall (HI 131)
41Professor Mark Sculpher (HI 132)
42Professor Kaye Wellings (HI 133)
43Dr Brian Fisher (HI 134)
44Department for Children, Schools and Families (HI 135)
45Department for Children, Schools and Families (HI 135A)
46Food Standards Agency (HI 136)
47Food Standards Agency (HI 136A)
48School Food Trust (HI 137)
49Which? (HI 138)
50HM Revenue & Customs and UK Border Agency, Home Office (HI 139)
51Take Action on Active Travel (HI 140)
52Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals (HI 141)
53Professor Mary Renfrew, University of York (HI 142)
54Myer Glickman (HI 143)

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