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The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2008-09
First ReportWork of the Committee in Session 2007-08 HC 138
Second Report DFID Annual Report 2008 HC 220
(HC 440)
Third Report DFID and China HC 180
(HC 535)
Fourth Report Aid Under Pressure: Support for Development Assistance in Global Economic Downturn HC 179
(HC 1009)
Fifth Report Sustainable Development in a Changing Climate HC 177
(HC 1008)
Sixth ReportScrutiny of Arms Export Controls (2009): UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2007, Quarterly Reports for 2008, licensing policy and review of export control legislation HC 178
Seventh Report Urbanisation and Poverty HC 511
Session 2007-08
First ReportDFID Departmental Report 2007 HC 64-I&II
(HC 329)
Second ReportDevelopment and Trade: Cross-departmental Working HC 68
(HC 330)
Third ReportWork of the Committee 2007 HC 255
Fourth ReportReconstructing Afghanistan HC 65-I&II
(HC 509)
Fifth ReportMaternal Health HC 66-I&II
(HC 592)
Sixth ReportDFID and the World Bank HC 67-I&II
(HC 548)
Seventh ReportDFID and the African Development Bank HC 441-I&II
(HC 988)
Eighth ReportScrutiny of Arms Export Controls (2008): UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2006, Quarterly Reports for 2007, licensing policy and review of export control legislation HC 254    (Cm 7485)
Ninth Report Working Together to Make Aid More Effective HC 520-I&II     (HC 1065)
Tenth ReportThe World Food Programme and Global Food Security HC 493-I&II   (HC 1066)
Eleventh ReportThe Humanitarian and Development Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories HC 522-I&II      (HC 1067)
Twelfth ReportHIV/AIDS: DIFID's New Strategy HC 1068-1&II (HC 235)
Session 2006-07
First ReportDFID Departmental Report 2006 HC 71
(HC 328)
Second ReportHIV/AIDS: Marginalised groups and emerging epidemics HC 46-I&II
(HC 329)
Third ReportWork of the Committee in 2005-06 HC 228
Fourth ReportDevelopment Assistance and the Occupied Palestinian Territories HC 114-I&II
(HC 430)
Fifth ReportEU Development and Trade Policies: An update HC 271
(HC 622)
Sixth ReportSanitation and Water HC 126-I&II
(HC 854)
Seventh reportFair Trade and Development HC 356-I&II (HC 1047)
Eighth reportDFID's Programme in Vietnam HC 732 
(HC 1062)
Ninth reportProspects for sustainable peace in Uganda HC 853 
(HC 1063)
Tenth reportDFID Assistance to Burmese Internally Displaced People and Refugees on the Thai-Burma Border HC 645-I&II (HC 1070)
Session 2005-06
First ReportDelivering the Goods: HIV/AIDS and the Provision of Anti-Retrovirals HC 708-I&II (HC 922)
Second ReportDarfur: The killing continues HC 657 
(HC 1017)
Third ReportThe WTO Hong Kong Ministerial and the Doha Development Agenda HC 730-I&II
(HC 1425)
Fourth ReportPrivate Sector Development HC 921-I&II
(HC 1629)
Fifth ReportStrategic Export Controls: Annual Report for 2004, Quarterly Reports for 2005, Licensing Policy and Parliamentary Scrutiny HC 873
(Cm 6954)
Sixth ReportConflict and Development: Peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction HC 923
(HC 172)
Seventh Report  Humanitarian response to natural disasters HC 1188
(HC 229)

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